Wireless Printing (St. George Campus)

What is wireless printing?

Wireless printing allows you to print documents from your laptop to selected campus printers while connected to the U of T campus wireless network (UTORcwn). This service allows printing to various locations across St. George campus.

How does it work?

You must be connected to the wireless network when you print your documents (wireless.utoronto.ca has information on how to set up a wireless connection). A small piece of free software (which you install on your laptop) sends the document to a U of T print server for page counting and pricing which forwards the document to the print release station you specified. Beside the printer you insert your TCard into the card reader, select your document from the list, and collect your printout.

Does it cost more?

No. Wireless printing costs the same as regular printing for the print location you have chosen. 

Double Sided Printing (Duplexing)

Double sided printing (duplexing) has been enabled in the Windows download packages by default at all locations that have printers supporting the feature.

How do I remove a printer or the Pharos Uniprint Client?

Additional Information

Technically, you only need an Internet connection—it doesn't have to be wireless. For example, you could install this software on your desktop computer in residence (which is connected directly, via a cable, to the Internet). You could then print a document to, say, a selected printer in the Robarts Library, and walk over to retrieve the output.

Jobs that are not printed two hours after submission will be deleted from the print queues.

For additional questions please visit the Information Commons Help Desk Knowlege Base article Questions in Wireless Printing.

Wireless Printing at University of Toronto Mississauga

Wireless printing is available at UTM. For instructions and printer locations, please visit Printing and UTM MobilePrint.

Wireless Printing at University of Toronto Scarborough

Wireless printing is available at UTSC. For instructions and printer locations, please visit UTSC: Printing.